Ray Wenderlich - High quality programming tutorials: iOS, Android, Mac, and more!

NSScreencast - Quality videos on iOS development, released each week. - publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development.

WWDC Videos - Learn about developing for Apple platforms with video presentations by Apple experts.

Apple’s Swift Blog - This new blog will bring you a behind-the-scenes look into the design of the Swift language by the engineers who created it, in addition to the latest news and hints to turn you into a productive Swift programmer.

AppCoda - AppCoda is an iOS programming blog. Our mission is to develop high quality and easy-to-read iOS programming tutorials in both Swift and Objective-C for anyone who want to learn iOS programming and pursue app development.


iOS Goodies - weekly iOS newsletter curated by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida logo by José Torre.

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Online courses

Udacity - Find free online courses, make a career change, or get a new job by completing a Nanodegree program. Self paced online learning with code reviews.

Design+Code - Design iOS apps with Swift. Build a news reader app from Sketch to the App Store.


Swift Apprentice - This is a book for complete beginners to Apple’s brand new programming language – Swift 2.

The iOS Apprentice - Learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps from the ground up, with a series of epic-length tutorials for beginners!

Core Data by Tutorials - Take control of your data in iOS apps using Core Data, Apple’s powerful object graph and persistence framework.

iOS Animations - Learn how to make iOS Animations in Swift 2 through a series of hands-on tutorials and challenges.

Advanced books

Advanced Swift - Advanced Swift takes you through Swift’s features, from low-level programming to high-level abstractions.

Core Data - Core Data best practices by example: from simple persistency to multithreading and syncing

Functional Swift - Learn core concepts of functional programming with Swift and leverage them in real world code.



/r/iOSProgramming - A subreddit to share articles, code samples, open source projects and anything relating to iOS.

/r/Swift - Dedicated to the Swift programming language released by Apple for iOS and OS X apps.

/r/SwiftJobs - Job listing board for the Swift programming language. Helping developers find careers and contract work in the language they love. Helping employers see their Apple iOS and OS X apps come to life!


iOS Developers - A Slack community for iOS developers with 10,000 members (and counting!)


Design+Code - Learn iOS design using Sketch and Xcode. Post any question, resource, comment about the techniques discussed in the book.


iOS Development Podcasts - Josh Adams has put together a fantastic list of all iOS Development Podcasts so check it, make sure to star the project on github!


iOS & OSX Developers Conferences - Luis Ascorbe has put together a frequently updated list of all iOS and OSX related conferences, make sure to start the project on github!


SwiftLint - A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions, loosely based on GitHub’s Swift Style Guide.