After speaking to many developers in the Los Angeles area, they all reccomended I take Stanford’s “Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift” course to solidify my iOS Development. As I watch the lectures I’ll write down my notes here.

Stanford: Course Overview and Introduction to iOS, Xcode, and Swift


  • Class (description for an object)
  • Instance (manifesto of a class)
  • Message (sent to object to make it act)
  • Method (code invoked by a Message)
  • Instance Variable (object-specific storage)
    • Also known as properties
  • Superclass/Subclass (Inheritance)

iOS Layers

Platform Components

MVC Basics


What our program does that’s UI independent For the calculator app, the model does all the calculating


User Interface What the user interacts with For the calculator app, the buttons and display.


Glue between model and view Updates the model from the view and vice versa Logic of the app

Calculator App

ViewController.swift is our controller Main.storyboard is our view


  • Is a type
  • Only two values
    • Not Set
      • Nil
    • Set
      • Has an associated value