I use Dash to look up API Documentation, I’ve set it’s default shortcut to Option + Space so I always have instant access.

Alfred 3

I’ve completely replaced Spotlight Search (Command + Space) with Alfred. With it’s Dash Integration, looking up documentation is only a few keystrokes away. Another great feature is it’s websearch, I’ve set my Google search shortcut to just “g” so typing in “g change navigation bar font swift” will search Google through my default browser.


I’m always playing around with colors and using Sip makes it easy. With the color picker tool you can save any color you like and Sip will set your clipboard properly formated code in whichever language you choose. For example UIColor(red:0.10, green:0.12, blue:0.14, alpha:1.00).


I use Sketch for asset development and planning out my App’s design.


Invision is a great App Prototyping tool, once you create storyboards in sketch, place them all in Invision and hook them all up for a semi function app.


Tower is a fantastic app that makes Git very easy which is also intregrated well with Alfred 3. My favorite features are actually two buttons in the toolbar that open either a new finder or terminal window at the project directory.


Fastlane contains a powerful suite of tools to help you release your iOS and Android apps. It handles all tedious tasks, like generating screenshots, dealing with code signing, and releasing your application.