Raghav Mangrola

Building Communities

June 08, 2018

I love the iOS/Swift community we’ve built in LA. Lately I feel that I’ve let the Meetups run on autopilot, I feel that I’m participating much less. Maybe most of my empathy is gone now that I’m living out on my own. A trip to EDC reminded me of how I helpful I used to be.

Well now I want to do something about it, for the most part we meet once a month at Event Farm, Steven and I used to lead sessions, but for the past few months we’ve been letting our members take over. One common theme in all our meetups is that we attract a lot of new iOS developers. The thing is I don’t know what they want to learn. So I’m going to build a very simple app to collect topics our members would like to know about with a voting feature.

It will start as an iOS app using Firebase as a backend. I’ll use Firebase to authenticate. I’m going to build the MVP, a login screen, a list of topics you can vote on, and a way to add new topics.

Raghav Mangrola

Written by Raghav Mangrola who lives and works in Santa Monica building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter