Raghav Mangrola

Just Do It

June 07, 2018

It’s hard being an adult. Trying to juggle work, networking, social life, health, side projects, and hobbies is exhausting. I’m the kind of person who wants to have it all and I don’t like giving up. I’ve learned how important it is to take care of your own mental health, if I get mentally exhausted I start making bad decisions. If I’m not doing what I think I should be doing I get into a vicious cycle of beating myself up.

That doesn’t need to happen anymore. I’ve picked up meditating again, I used to do a 30 minute breathing exercise but honestly I don’t have the patience for that right now. I’m trying to do a daily practice of 10 minutes, when I originally started writing this post I was meditating four time a week. Even though I’m not doing what I said I’d be doing, I’m not beating myself up for it. Mental wellness isn’t an end goal, it’s a state you’re in. You won’t always be in that state, and that’s okay.

I’m not sure where I’m going to take this blog right now, I just want a place to write out my thoughts and talk about what I’m learning as a app developer. I’m not great at writing, storytelling, writing technical blog posts, or even staying on topic. But I’m just going to do it anyways. It’s like when you hear about how Rome wasn’t built in a day, as long as I keep writing, I’m sure I’ll be in a better place a year from today.

Raghav Mangrola

Written by Raghav Mangrola who lives and works in Santa Monica building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter